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History of the city Glurns

Glurns was mentioned in the year 1163 for the first time. The city itself, founded by Count Meinhard, was called “opium civitas” in 1296 and “city” in 1304. In this time the city wall had already existed. Only the Arbour’s Lane, which was surrounded by a wall, was part of the city.

The first city gates, which today you can’t see anymore, are mentioned in 1309. The today’s city place and the houses built to the north and west formed the village. After the defeat in the battle against the Swiss in 1499 the city was fortified for another time. The village of Glurns consisted of the new city wall including the Street of Mals, the Silver Street, the Street of Count-Trapp, the Flora Street and a large open space in the northeast of the city. Lots of the mentioned constructions and buildings are still well preserved.

The architectural style of the 16th century is mainly dominating the city. Characteristic of Clurns are some still existing agricultural farms. The redevelopment measures brought several interesting details of buildings to light. Glurns is an excellent example of a sociological and architectural city’s restauration.